Custom Woodwork

At Meadows Contracting, we can create wood furniture, cabinets, shelving, closets and pieces for home entertainment systems.

A custom-made wood piece can help you meet all of your storage or furnishing needs while providing a unique and beautiful centerpiece that you and your guests will love.  It can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing and designed to meet your exact needs.

We can create many types of custom furniture including:

• Tables
• Chairs
• Benches
• Stools
• End Tables
• Desks
• Bed Frames

Regardless of whether it is your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office or living room that could use a custom piece of wood furniture, contact Meadows Contracting at (919) 795-3276, schedule an on-site Free Estimate, or email us at info@meadowscontracting.comto see how we can help you.